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Covid 19


Visit the following CAHF Associate members who are offering special COVID-19 products and solutions to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

abaqis by HealthStream

  • Free access to abaqis COVID-19 Self-Assessment that mimics the COVID-19

  • Focused Survey for Nursing Homes

  • Free COVID-19 Resources & Competency Training.

Ancillary Provider Services

Cantata Health

  • Cantata Health is ready to help you reach your needs on time, with quality top-of-mind. We put long-term care facilities in control of patient care and their bottom line. Our software and services help teams work together to better care and identify growth opportunities that keep facilities healthy and clinical staff happy.  

Dairy King Milk Farms Foodservice

Joey Goldstein

310-990-9598 (Mobile) 

800-900-6455 (Office)

  • Full stock of the KN95 Masks

  • 3 Ply Nursing Masks Face Shields

  • Level 2 Disposable Gowns

EXCELTOX Laboratories

Aaron Symbolik

419-450-0458 (Mobile)

  • Provide PCR Covid-19 Testing

  • Turnaround (96% in less than 24 hours and 4% in less than 48 hours)

  • Nasopharyngeal test kits provided

  • Packaging, freezer packs, and prepaid UPS labels are included

  • Cloud based portal for requisition process


Already providing services for over 200 Long Term Care facilities in California, Exceltox Laboratories, is a CAP and CLIA accredited high-complexity laboratory. Since 2013, Exceltox has been operating as a high throughput clinical laboratory and adding SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing and SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM antibody testing for Covid-19 and are located in Irvine, CA. Their capacity will vary, but their lab has the capacity to process 31,000 tests per week. This is a nasopharyngeal test. This test is 98.7% specificity and 100% sensitivity.

With the onset of COVID-19, Exceltox has ramped up capacity to service state and local governments, senior care/skilled nursing facilities, essential businesses, colleges and universities, and companies trying to get back to work. They have worked closely with physician and technology partners to develop a best in class, end-to-end customizable testing solution.

Foster and Lawrence Accountancy

  • During these trying times, the last think you want to worry about is how to track Covid-19 expenses, or how to calculate your Payroll Protection Program Loan forgiveness. Foster and Lawrence Accountancy is here to assist you with any of your Covid-19 finance, reimbursement and accounting needs.

iPayables, Inc. 

  • One week implementation of the InvoiceWorks software

J. Brasch Co

  • SUREnursing advisor (virtual nursing and patient activity monitoring)

  • Stealth Sensor Pads (under mattress sensor pads to ensure infection control)

Meals for All, Inc. 

  • Emergency preparedness meals: RDN created & supported turnkey regulatory compliant menus with delicious long shelf-life foods, includes P&P and training materials  

Mueller Prost

  • Mueller Prost has implemented a COVID-19 Tactical Hotline and COVID-19 Resource Center to assist with any accounting, business, tax and SBA loan concerns, and ensure our partners are equipped to conquer business challenges. 

On Shift

  • Hiring During The Pandemic: Toolkit To Recruit Displaced Workers
    Attracting recently displaced workers will take a grassroots effort. To help, we’ve created a recruitment toolkit jam-packed with guidance, tools and templates that you can use today.
    We hope you find this resource helpful and thank you for your hard work during this difficult time. 

Real Time Medical Systems

  • Following the emergence of COVID-19, Real Time launched its Infection Risk Assessment tools to its 1000+ customers. Deploying comprehensive algorithms, the solution scans the EHR, including nurses’ notes, capturing over 70+ leading indicators of emerging infections. Analyzing combinations of these leading indicators, Real Time pushes live clinical alerts when subtle changes in condition occur including increased temperature, high respiratory rate, loss of taste, sore throat, muscle pains, shortness of breath, and more. By providing frontline caregivers actionable data to advance infection prevention and control, Real Time’s Infection Risk Assessment tool are helping to identify early warning signs of infectious disease to avoid potential outbreaks.


  • Workforce management and scheduling solution with Certification Tracking, Census PPD integration, and a Quarantine feature that simplifies tracking, rescheduling, and posting shifts when a working test positive or needs to be isolated.  

Southern CA Gas Company (SoCalGas)

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, SoCalGas is waiving late payment fees for small business customers, and no residential or small business customers will have their natural gas service turned off due to non-payment. 

TKO Medical Corp.

  • Free labor for wheelchair repair /assistance for both manual and power chairs

Windstream Enterprises

  • HD Meeting and OfficeSuite Soft Phones Secure Remote Access HIPAA Compliant and award winning platforms. 

  • Easy to use, deploy and manage from any device.  Healthcare organizations utilizing for Telehealth. 

  • OS Soft phones work on virtually any Android or iPhone enables users to make calls from a predetermined number on the account rather than the user’s personal mobile carrier.

  • Both, Enterprise and feature rich.


Andrew Clapp

12555 Orange Dr

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33330

(617) 429-1809

  • CAHF's preferred provider VOYCE offers a bedside communication tool to help patients conduct easy video visits with their family members during the COVID-19 pandemic. VOYCE also helps healthcare providers to easily video visit with their patients without entering the patient's room to avoid virus spread. If the patient doesn't speak English, VOYCE also integrates a live translator via video. The cost is very low at $0.01 per party per minute for the virtual visits.

  • Contact to see if your patients and providers would benefit.

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